The Next Doctor? Who Should It be?

Okay, so anyone who knows me, knows that I love some Doctor Who. Anything and everything about the series is up for discussion for me. I know that Matt Smith has a contract, but I still like to think about who the next doctor will be. For me, I want the next doctor to be a woman. I know what all you whovians are thinking: “WHAT?” But here are some reasons I think a woman would bring some more dimension and a new spin on the character.

1. It has never been done before. Think about it, how much of a twist would it be for on the 50th Anniversary to have the doctor regenerate into a woman! AMAZING

2. A female doctor would add dimension to the character that a man just can never achieve. The male doctors as a whole majority don’t like to show emotions or talk about their feelings. Sure, we do get glimpses into their feelings on those rare occasions, but it is the exception rather than the rule. Tenant was probably the most emotional doctor in my opinion, but I feel a woman could bring the emotion to the character that a man is considered “too feminine” to achieve.

3. It would empower women. I personally know loads of female Whovians who would love to have a female doctor to look up to. Just look at all the cosplay that women are participating in? I personally dressed up as 11 this halloween.

4. Think of the clothing?! I personally am a big fan of clothes. I like to keep up with the trends and such. I think a female doctor would provide for an amazing wardrobe for female cosplayers to choose from

Hope you all enjoyed my take on why we should get a female doctor next. And for your enjoyment, below is a picture of me from halloween 🙂


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Oreo Cream Cheese Cookies? Yes Please!

Am I making you hungry yet? I made these bad boys from a recipe I found on pintrest with a few variations. I added some corn starch so that they would not spread out while baking.

My cultural anthropology professor said if I brought in cookies we could have a take home test, so you can guess what I did 🙂

The great thing about these are they are egg less, so if you are like me (and I assume that you are), you can sneak some raw batter while baking. The end result was one of the best cookies  I have ever made. They are crispy around the edges and soft, perfection on the outside.

Here is the link the recipe, Enjoy:

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Outfit of the Day

Red Jeans, Grey Blazer What do you all think?

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The Election Part 1: The Economy

In elections, there are winners and losers. The real question we will be asking ourselves over the next few months and years is “Did we make the right choice?”.

I am conservative by nature and have more libertarian leanings than most people I know, so I feel my points of view on the election might be a bit more objective than most. I did support Romney, so to say I am disappointed with the outcome of this election would be accurate.

I feel like fiscal responsibility is the biggest problem facing our country right now. With the national debt being over 16 TRILLION dollars, we need to cut back on spending first and foremost. I understand that debt is a standard thing for governments to some degree or another. Andrew Jackson is the only president to leave the office with a balanced budget. A 16 trillion dollar deficit is such a large amount that it is evident the administration is not even trying to balance it out. Government bailouts do not work. They are tried in the 70’s with little success, so why would they work now. The debt problem is not a liquidly issue, it is a spending issue. Its basic math that if you spend more than you take in, you are in debt. So how should be down size this you ask?:

We cut spending. Plan and simple. We get rid of the programs that are eating up our budget (with the exception of the military because we need defense). We privatize programs that can be better ran by private entities and regulate them to ensure they are conducting business efficiently and legally. Policing a institution is much cheaper than running it.

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